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How clubs and groups can help

If you are a member of a club or community group who may be interested in supporting local people with brain injuries, we’d love to hear from you.  Some of the ways that we have worked with groups before are described below, but we’re always keen to hear new ideas too.

Invite us along to talk to your group – we’re always keen to talk to groups and raise awareness about brain injury and Headway Devon’s valuable work.

Organise a ‘Hats for Headway’ Day – this really is as straighforward as it sounds. Like a dress-down day, participants simply make a small donation (we suggest 50p-£1) to spend the day wearing a hat of their choice – the wackier the better! These events work particularly well at club meetings, in the workplace and in schools and colleges.

Make us your ‘Charity of the Month/Year’ – if your group is looking for a local charity to fundraise for, please get in touch to find out about what money raised for Headway Devon could mean to local people whose lives have been turned upside down by brain injury.

Jewellery recycling – Our jewellery recyclign scheme means that we can raise vital funds for local people with brain injuries, while benefitting the environment. If members of your group have old or unwanted jewellery, please consider collecting it for this recycling appeal.  We can accept any jewellery, from precious metals to costume jewellery. Even damaged, broken and incomplete items will help.

For more information about any of these opportunities, please email or call us on 01392 211822.

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Get Help

Suffering from a head injury or support someone that has a head injury? Then contact us today, we can help you and your loved one recover to the best of their ability and share the journey.

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Get Involved

Looking to volunteer for a forward thinking and vital charity? Then look no further, Headway Devon is looking for motivated and caring individuals to help those requiring support from acquired brain injury.

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Headway Devon relies on generous donations from members of the public and private businesses to deliver leading head injury support across the South West. Contact us today to find out more or donate.

01392 211822

Call our Exeter hotline (Mon-Fri  9-5)

Email the Headway team direct.

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About Us

Headway Devon provides support and rehabilitation for those suffering from head injuries or those caring for head injury patients and family members. We are affiliated with the UK Headway Charity.

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Headway Devon is affiliated to Headway UK the national brain injury charity.

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